Range Protocol

This Range Protocol sets forth guidelines and procedures regulating the use of the Clear Creek County Sportsmen Club range by members, membersí guests, instructors, instructorsí participants or students and law enforcement officers.

This policy is not intended to create a contract of employment or to be construed to constitute contractual obligations of any kind between Clear Creek County Sportsmen Club and any of its members or their participants. Clear Creek County Sportsmen Club retains the absolute right to modify or alter this policy based upon professional or business issues.

This policy applies to all Club members, membersí guests, instructors, instructorsí participants or students, and law enforcement officers all of whom must familiarize themselves with the contents of this policy and sign the Agreement of Release and Liability verifying that they have read and understand them and approve of their contents.

1. For C.C.C.S.C. purposes, a TARGET is a man-made, non-glass article that is temporarily placed, or thrown, into position for the shooting. THEREFORE; Rocks, target frames, animals, buildings, and permanent fixtures are NOT TARGETS.

2. CLEAR FIRING LINE: firing line is clear when, and only when, all firearms' actions are open and stowed in rack or holstered, so as to not point down range AND all shooters acknowledge that the line is "CLEAR". In addition, on rifle ranges, the shooting house must be vacant before line is "CLEAR". (Muzzleloading arms are excepted from the "actions open" requirement).

I understand that failure to abide by these rules may result in immediate loss of my membership.

Safety Rules and Requirements:
All instructors, instructorsí participants or students, participants, memberís guests and law enforcement officers handling firearms shall use safe handling and storage techniques.

Unsafe actions will not be allowed by any instructor/participant, member, and member guest or law enforcement officer at any time. Firearm misconduct endangers Club employees, members, and guests alike. Any violation of this Range Protocol will result in disciplinary action and may include revocation of membership and use of the Range.

The following basic safety guidelines must be followed:

1. Firearms shall be treated as if they were loaded at all times, and could accidentally discharge resulting in fatal injury.

2. Participants must be aware of where the firearm muzzle is pointed at all times. Never point a muzzle at, or in the direction of, any person(s) and only point a muzzle in a known safe direction; i.e. straight up, or down range when down range is free of people.

3. Participants shall never place their finger on the trigger or in the trigger guard until the sights are on the target and they have made the decision to fire.

4. Do not touch or handle firearms or get near a firing line when people are down range.

5. Participants must identify their target and what it is in line with, between them and the target and beyond the target.

6. Never proceed downrange from a firing line until it is declared "CLEAR LINE"

7. RIFLE RANGE (bays 5&6) Firing line is at the shooting houses or benches; Shoot only from firing line!

8. SHORT BAYS (bays 1 thru 4, 7 & 8), firing line is established by shooter(s), but must be far enough downrange to have a full berm to right and left of shooter. Targets are placed either on the backboards or freestanding. Hand thrown shotgun targets are to be used only in Bay 2. Do not park in the driveway leading to bays 7 and 8; these two pistol bays are not to be used as a 100 yard rifle bay... No shooting from the driveway! Shooters in bay 8 will shoot only into the South East or the right hand corner.

9. SHOOT only at targets (see definition) that are on, or in the direction of, the C.C.C.S.C. target boards, in front of the soft earth backstops, and not at the sides of the berms.

10. Range shooters must know:
    a. That their firearm(s) is in safe working condition & that the barrel(s) is free of obstruction.
    b. How their firearm operates: this means at least be able to open and close the action or breech, to load and unload their firearm, identify its correct ammunition, and be able to empty and clear the chamber.
    EXCEPTION: Instructional situations, the person instructing is responsible for Rule 10a & 10b.

11. TRANSPORTING UNCASED FIREARMS to and from a firing line:
    a. Keep long gun actions open and unloaded, handguns either unloaded or holstered until in position to fire.

12. Determine that the firing line is open to shooting, not a "CLEAR LINE" before preparing to shoot.

13. Shooters and observers must wear EYE and EAR PROTECTION on or near a firing line.

14. Shooting will ONLY BE AT TARGETS, NOTHING ELSE! No shooting is allowed above the tops of the berms, except for bird shot in shotguns.

15. Shot gun shooters using target backers must provide their own target backers.

20. Eye and ear protection is mandatory.

26. No one using or under the influence of drugs or alcohol is allowed on ranges.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive or all-inclusive list of safety guidelines.

Range Rules:
1. Instructors/Participants must always consider the range a HOT RANGE. This means that all side arms may be and should be considered as loaded except for events, such as IDPA, IPSC and other events or training classes which abide by COLD RANGE rules Cold range Rules require all side arms stay unloaded and in the holster unless otherwise instructed by the Range or Safety Officer. All long guns must abide by Cold Range Rules.

7. The 30-degree rule will be in effect while engaged in shooting on the range.. This means that you are permitted 30 degrees of movement of the muzzle on either side of a line perpendicular to the target line. IPSC, IDPA and Trap shooting may utilize variations of the 30 degree rule; however, such variations are not sanctioned by the CCCSC and are at you own risk.

Range Policies:
1. Shooters shall remove all targets when finished. Paper targets go in trash, others go in your vehicle. The "You pack it in, you pack it out" rule applies. Absolutely no silhouette targets will be left exposed!

2. No alcohol or drugs, nor persons under the influence, are allowed on the property.

3. No incendiary, tracer, explosive or .50 Cal. High Velocity (BMG) ammo may be used on this Range. All caliber muzzle loading firearms are acceptable.

4. No willful destruction of property or shooting at any animal life by members or guests.

5. No violent behavior or disorderly conduct while on the Range.

6. Hours of operation are 1/2 before Sunrise to 1/2 hour after Sunset, no night shooting except for Police training.

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